Johns Lake Update Aug 2023

Johns Lake Update Aug 2023

The county recently did some spot treating for the following invasive plants.

Cuban bulrush is an aggressively growing mat forming invasive plant that outcompetes beneficial native aquatic plants and impairs water quality by reducing oxygen levels near shore areas. Cuban bulrush will be targeted throughout the lake to maintain competitive advantage for the native aquatic plant community.

Water hyacinths are exotic, aquatic plants which clog waterways, making recreational activities difficult or impossible, and choke out beneficial native plants.

Although Johns Lake currently has less hydrilla than normal for this time of the year, there are some areas where the hydrilla is a problem. The County does not normally treat for hydrilla during the Summer since the ideal time is during the Spring and Fall. They will assess our hydrilla situation in the Fall and decide when they will treat Johns Lake next.  There is currently no budget for additional grass carp but this could change as it seems the carp that were added last Fall are having a positive impact on decreasing hydrilla.

The northern portion of the Johns Lake Outfall Canal that drains into Lake Apopka has recently been realigned and cleaned out.  The canal has also been cleaned out adjacent to Oakland Park.  The water is now flowing through the canal into Lake Apopka much faster,  but there is still a lot of maintenance to be done.  This additional flow will be helpful if we get any hurricanes and/or tropical storms this season. Orange County is studying the situation to determine what, if anything, the County will to support the City of Oakland and other’s efforts.

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Sincerely, Rick StuebingPresident, Johns Lake Association