April 2024 Newsletter

April 2024 Newsletter

Spring has arrived as witnessed by the change in weather and the
end of the Oak leaves falling. I have recently seen the American
Eagles that nest in Oakland, are back on their nests and the bass
beds are back. And finally, some lakefront owners told me they can
now see the bottom of Johns Lake at the end of their dock for the
first time. These are all great signs that Johns Lake is healthy. Our
water level is currently low (93.99 on 4-1-24) for this time of year
but the good news is rain is forecasted for mid-late May and the
lake level will hopefully rise fairly quickly.

P. S. The lake is expected to be treated for hydrilla late May according
to the FWC’s plans!

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March 2024: Johns Lake Outfall Canal Evaluation Study

March 2024: Johns Lake Outfall Canal Evaluation Study

The COUNTY requested the CONSULTANT to evaluate the reported erosion within the Johns Lake Outfall Canal (Motomassic Canal) following Hurricane Ian that impacted Central Florida on September 29, 2022. As a result of the damage, several impacted stakeholders reached out to COUNTY staff seeking additional assistance in developing a long-term plan to address both Capital Improvement Project (CIP) needs and long-term Operation and Maintenance (O&M) needs to improve stormwater management within the Johns Lake Outfall Canal (the Canal). The initial stakeholders seeking additional support from the COUNTY included …

Please see the full report here.

2023 Boat Parade Winner

2023 Boat Parade Winner

It was VERY difficult to choose a winner this year. We had so many beautifully decorated boats!
The winner’s patriotic spirit was on full display with their decor, featuring a large American Flag displayed in lights. A photo of the boat appears in this post. Unfortunately, it’s not the best picture but for those who watched the parade in person, you’ll remember how great the boat looked!
Congratulations to Robi and Lisa Zaldeti!! This is the first year they have participated in the parade and they enjoyed it immensely. And they said “we’ll be back next year” which we love to hear!
The winning boat will receive a full boat detail from Tommy’s of Clermont. They have been a sponsor and friend of JLA for many years, and we appreciate their support very much!
And this post can’t be without a BIG THANK YOU to all the boaters who came out this year. Your boats looked amazing and all of us watching the parade were very appreciative of your hard work. And to top it off, the wind and choppy waters did not make it an easy ride so on behalf of JLA and all the residents around the lake who enjoyed the parade WE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
All of the road signs were picked up. We appreciate you leaving them at the neighborhood entrances for two weeks, given we had to reschedule.
We look forward to our parade again next year and in the interim, we wish you a very merry holiday season and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Boat Parade Changed to Dec 17, 2023

Boat Parade Changed to Dec 17, 2023

The Johns Lake Boat Parade Has Been Moved to December 17th.

Due to the weather forecast, we have changed the date of the parade to Sunday, December 17th. The current forecast for Sunday evening Dec 10th is thunderstorms with 15-20 MPH winds so we’d like to keep everyone safe and dry!

The parade route and start time of the parade will remain the same. We will do our best to update the road signs over the next 48 hours, but if you see a sign that has Dec 10th, please know that is an old version and it is not correct.

Happy Boating,

Rick Stuebing
President Johns Lake Association

Parade Details


SPONSORS: Johns Lake 2023 Holiday Boat Parade

SPONSORS: Johns Lake 2023 Holiday Boat Parade

We’d like to highlight our incredible “Gold Sponsors” for their generous support of Johns Lake Association.
Tommy’s Boats has specialized in getting families on the water for over 40 years! With 15 locations across the country and still growing -they have a shop right here in Clermont. Offering Malibu & Axis wake boats and Tahoe Pontoons, as well as boat rentals! Shop a great selection of used boats also. We even have a big shop full of Watersports gear and lake apparel. We have a boat -detailing and certified technicians are on site to spoil your vessel.
Learn more online or stop by our shop at 16212 east state road 50, Clermont FL 34711 or call/text (407) 281-7909.
Come visit Yellow Dog Eats in Gotha for a delicious menu of sandwiches, salads, barbeque and daily specials all conjured from the mind of your John’s Lake resident, Chef Fish Morgan.
We smoke meats on the premises over apple and natural woods, striving to create distinctive combinations of favors to delight the palette and raise the spirits! Vegetarian and vegan friendly with gluten-free options, we also serve an impressive selection of craft beers and wine.  See the menu here. Peace and Love! 
Central Florida Boatlift and Repair is a veteran owned company. We are Central Florida natives, we are well seasoned to our waters and environment here in the state of Florida.
As a fully state licensed marine contractor and general contractor, we possess the skills, expertise and knowledge to ensure your project is built to the highest of construction quality. We strive to provide a product that not only meets all FL Building standards but that also provides years of use for our clients.
When you work with Central Florida Boat Lift and Repair, you can trust that you are in the hands of an experienced professional who truly cares about your boating needs. Contact us today to see how we can elevate your boating experience.
Carr’s Flooring America is excited to get to know you and help you with all of your flooring needs. We are more than just a flooring store, we are your local experts trained in flooring sales and design and will help you find the perfect flooring that checks off every box on your list of needs. We offer in-home services and can install your new floors on your schedule with our team of professional installers. Please visit our website. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your dream flooring at our showroom in Orlando, FL.

McKinnon Groves is a venue that offers the space for almost any type of event! Weddings, Birthdays, celebrations, baby showers, engagement parties, corporate events, etc. Highlights: 320 acres of owned family property; 3.4 miles of lake front; Navel, Hamlin & Valencia Oranges; 60 acres of pine trees; 100 acres of old Florida woods with live oaks & numerous trails. Located in Winter Garden, Florida. We would love to chat & set up a tour!

THANK YOU to all of our “official” sponsors!! We could not do it without you!!
In addition, we’d like to give a BIG thank you and SHOUT OUT to all of you who have donated to the organization in the past. It’s through your donations that JLA is able to do the work we do to help educate and inform the residents of our lake community.
See you on the lake for the boat parade on Sunday, December 10th beginning at the SE corner of the lake at 6:15pm!!
IMPORTANT: The parade date has changed to Dec. 17th due to high winds and possible thunderstorms forecasted for 10th.

October 2023 Newsletter

October 2023 Newsletter

Newsletter Summary and a Message from the President

Oct-2023 Newsletter

It is hard to believe the Holidays are approaching and we are
preparing for the 22nd Holiday Boat Parade on Dec. 12th at 6:15 PM. On behalf of the board,
I would like to thank our sponsors of the parade and we welcome
additional sponsors.

The board continues to communicate with multiple government
agencies to keep the ball rolling for the required maintenance on our
outfall canal. This process is difficult and slow due to the number of
government agencies involved.

We have brought back our Stop Light Program to give you visual
feedback on where we believe we stand on the five quality indicators
that we identified in the past. This is subjective and we realize that
some of these indicators are worse in some parts of the lake than
others, but we try to use “average” ratings.

And finally, some information from the Environmental Protection
Division that describes proper shoreline maintenance critical to the
health of Johns Lake has been included.

JLA is a non-profit organization, funded by lakefront owners, focused
on protecting Johns Lake water quality. JLA’s mission is to preserve
and restore the high-water quality and the traditional character of John’s Lake, watersheds and related natural resources. The long-
term survival of Johns Lake is critical to present and future generations.

In the past the Board collected dues to support our expenses, such
as insurance, website costs, state fees, and more. Since we
converted to paperless Newsletters we have been able to get by for
several years without dues but now the Board’s financial balance is
getting low.

We can be reached at admin@johnslakeflorida.com and
please support our efforts to protect Johns Lake by donating to our
cause by going to the following link. Please Donate.

2023 Johns Lake Boat Parade

2023 Johns Lake Boat Parade

All boats must gather at 6:10 PM.
The parade starts at 6:15 PM.

IMPORTANT: The parade date has changed to Dec. 17th due to high winds and possible thunderstorms forecasted for 10th.


Date: Sunday, December 10th @ 6:15 PM [Date changed to Dec 17th.]
Location: The parade will start at the Southeast corner of Johns Lake, near the Twinwaters neighborhood. See parade route map for more details.
This is the 22nd Annual Johns Lake Boat Parade and with each passing year, boaters and residents alike look forward to this very special holiday event.
There is no registration required to participate in the parade. All that is needed is to decorate your boat, be in place for “line up” no later than 6:10pm and be prepared to show some holiday spirit as we motor around the lake!
Throughout the years, the residents have shown their appreciation for the parade by hosting gatherings, cheering loudly from the docks/shores, and making sure the boat parade participants know just how much their boat-décor is appreciated!
Johns Lake Association will continue to post more details over the coming months, including how to prepare your boat for holiday lights/decorations.
Sponsorships: If you would like to become an official sponsor of the boat parade, please go to www.johnslakeflorida.com and click on email button at the bottom of the page. Once we receive your email, we’ll be in touch about the various levels of sponsorship.
Donate: If you’re not interested in becoming a sponsor, we would certainly appreciate any/all donations to Johns Lake Association. Below is a link if you’d like to donate in support of our continued efforts to ensure the beauty/cleanliness of the lake is maintained.
Any contribution is greatly appreciated and 100% of the funds go to support the mission of the association. https://donate.stripe.com/dR69Ca7Jq8TA3D26oo
Thank you for reading this post! Watch this page for more parade info over the next few months, including details about our AMAZING parade sponsors!!

Boat Parade: Save the Date

Boat Parade: Save the Date

The Annual Johns Lake Boat Parade will be held on December 10th, 2023.

Stay tuned for details …

Johns Lake Update Aug 2023

Johns Lake Update Aug 2023

The county recently did some spot treating for the following invasive plants.

Cuban bulrush is an aggressively growing mat forming invasive plant that outcompetes beneficial native aquatic plants and impairs water quality by reducing oxygen levels near shore areas. Cuban bulrush will be targeted throughout the lake to maintain competitive advantage for the native aquatic plant community.

Water hyacinths are exotic, aquatic plants which clog waterways, making recreational activities difficult or impossible, and choke out beneficial native plants.

Although Johns Lake currently has less hydrilla than normal for this time of the year, there are some areas where the hydrilla is a problem. The County does not normally treat for hydrilla during the Summer since the ideal time is during the Spring and Fall. They will assess our hydrilla situation in the Fall and decide when they will treat Johns Lake next.  There is currently no budget for additional grass carp but this could change as it seems the carp that were added last Fall are having a positive impact on decreasing hydrilla.

The northern portion of the Johns Lake Outfall Canal that drains into Lake Apopka has recently been realigned and cleaned out.  The canal has also been cleaned out adjacent to Oakland Park.  The water is now flowing through the canal into Lake Apopka much faster,  but there is still a lot of maintenance to be done.  This additional flow will be helpful if we get any hurricanes and/or tropical storms this season. Orange County is studying the situation to determine what, if anything, the County will to support the City of Oakland and other’s efforts.

Please ask your neighbors to go our website at https://johnslakeflorida.com/subscribe-to-our-newsletter/ and submit their email information so we can send them email updates and Newsletters. Also , we deeply appreciate any donations that can be made on our website to support our cause!

Rick StuebingPresident, Johns Lake Association

April 2023 Newsletter

April 2023 Newsletter


[Click here to view the newsletter in PDF format.]

This issue covers the following topics:

    Message from the President

    Holiday Boat Parade

    Scrub Point

    Outfall Canal

    Lakefront Fertilizer Guide

I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter!

Rick Stuebing
President, Johns Lake Association