2023 Boat Parade Winner

It was VERY difficult to choose a winner this year. We had so many beautifully decorated boats!
The winner’s patriotic spirit was on full display with their decor, featuring a large American Flag displayed in lights. A photo of the boat appears in this post. Unfortunately, it’s not the best picture but for those who watched the parade in person, you’ll remember how great the boat looked!
Congratulations to Robi and Lisa Zaldeti!! This is the first year they have participated in the parade and they enjoyed it immensely. And they said “we’ll be back next year” which we love to hear!
The winning boat will receive a full boat detail from Tommy’s of Clermont. They have been a sponsor and friend of JLA for many years, and we appreciate their support very much!
And this post can’t be without a BIG THANK YOU to all the boaters who came out this year. Your boats looked amazing and all of us watching the parade were very appreciative of your hard work. And to top it off, the wind and choppy waters did not make it an easy ride so on behalf of JLA and all the residents around the lake who enjoyed the parade WE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
All of the road signs were picked up. We appreciate you leaving them at the neighborhood entrances for two weeks, given we had to reschedule.
We look forward to our parade again next year and in the interim, we wish you a very merry holiday season and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!