Lake Vegetation Update

The annual Lake Vegetation Index (LVI) survey was conducted by Orange County Department of Environment Protection in June of this year. The Lake Vegetation Index is a bioassessment procedure that measures the degree to which a freshwater lake supports a healthy, well-balanced plant community. Please see the sample locations below.

     Below is a graph that shows the past LVI scores for Johns Lake. In the past, the lake was separated into two different lake systems but after 2017 the lake was sampled as one unit. Due to the requirement to randomly select the sample locations and it is hard to tell if the impact of the County’s treatments versus the property owner removal treatments are impacting the overall score. There is a difference in the score for the eastern portion of the lake versus the western portion. This suggests that development along the lake may have an impact on the scores. The overall score for the lake in 2019 was 43. Scores 43 and above are considered good. Our score this year was 42.

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