Lake Levels

The official recorded lake level as of January 2nd was 96.42

This is less than one foot below Normal High-Water Elevation. As you are aware this is pretty high for “dry season.”

As we’ve mentioned in prior newsletters, the outfall from the lake goes to Lake Apopka and the pathway is critical to control lake level. On one hand changes in elevation are very good for the health of the lake and fish habitat.

However, since this 39 square mile drainage basin must be capable of getting water out in periods of extreme weather, there might be some conditions that have changed that we are working to re-evaluate. On 2/19 we had a meeting with OC Commissioner Betsey VanderLey, Michael Drozeck Public Works Manager, Jeff Charles Drainage Project Manager, Mike Parker Town of Oakland Public Works Director, Steve Koontz Town of Oakland Manager and John Schmidt JLIA President to prioritize some of the issues we face on about the lake. We agreed that there is a need to update the Storm Water Drainage Basin data and particularly the flow rates. Some of the other issues we face are dependent on the results of this work and we cannot wait several years to get it done. Mike Drozeck will move this work up on the schedule and provide a timeline.

There is a Joint Planning Agreement that was signed in 2016 between Orange County and the Town of Oakland that also needs to be further developed around the “outfall ditch” to lake Apopka. The details around the specifics of who will handle the work, how easements will be obtained, who pays for the costs and so on were supposed to be worked out in three years. We are working with the various agencies to make sure our interests are taken in to account. This work is complex, will take some time, has budgetary concerns, and requires the updated study information already mentioned to be completed.