Hydrilla and Carp Control Update 7/21

     Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC) was planning to add five hundred (500) carp to Johns Lake in May 2021, but this has been postponed until Fall since the state fish hatcheries do not have enough large carp at this time.  They typically put carp in the lake every few years. One of the primary purposes of the carp is to assist with controlling hydrilla. 

     There is a delicate balance to maintain with the number of carp in the lake. If the population grows too large, they will eat not only the hydrilla but the important native plants as well, which could negatively impact the ecosystem of the lake. FWC monitors the growth of the hydrilla to determine how many carp to add and what frequency to put them in Johns Lake.  There used to be a barrier between Johns Lake and Black Lake to keep the carp out of those other lakes, but it is no longer in place, which allows the carp to leave Johns Lake. 

      After working with Orange County and FWC we suggested that the best approach would be to add carp to Black and Tilden Lake in addition to Johns Lake to help control their hydrilla and therefore there would not be a need for the barrier.  They agreed to start stocking carp in the other lakes as well and not install a barrier.  Great news!  The next herbicide treatment will be in the Fall since the treatments in the Summer are not as effective as in the cooler months.