Hurricane Ian: Lake Level Warning


October 1, 2022

Johns Lake is currently several inches above the normal high water mark which has not happened for many years and it will continue to go up!  Black Lake and Lake Tilden drain into our lake and those lakes are currently about a foot and a half higher than our lake. We don’t know how much it will go up but it could go up another foot or more. 

There is currently a no wake zone order for the entire lake to protect our docks, boats, and waterfront properties. Please respect this county order!  

The public boat ramp will also be closed immediately. Make sure you assess your boathouse and make sure there is room for your boat if the lake goes up a foot or more.  If not, please beach, anchor, or put your boat on a trailer. We have already had a hand full of boats float into the ceiling of their boat houses causing boats to sink, swamp, and go upside down.  Please do not let this happen to your boat.  

This is a very serious situation so please forward this message to your neighbors and let me know if you have any questions. In addition, see Johns Lake Improvement Association on Facebook for more information and to keep up-to-date. Be safe!  


Rick Stuebing,  VP Johns Lake Association