At our January Board Meeting, we decided to form a few committees to break up the work and provide engagement by all.  The committees are Invasive Species, Boat Parade, Outfall, Mission Statement, and Marketing/Membership.  Here is a quick summary of each.

Invasive Species – Completed a conference call meeting with our FWC biologist on April 19th.  A lot of good information was shared.  The primary topic was hydrilla and carp. 

Boat Parade – The date was chosen to be December 12.  Additional planning will take place in the third quarter.  Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page.

Outfall – The study consultants have completed their work and a final copy has been issued.  We are waiting to have a meeting with the County Commissioner and the Town of Oakland to discuss the next steps. 

Mission Statement – The committee came up with four emerging themes to focus on, Communication, Education, Advocacy, and Recreation.  It’s important that we refine the objective and create a clear vision/purpose for the board.