2021 Year in Review

     While the year isn’t over and there are many fun days on the lake ahead, this will be the last
newsletter of the year. What a year for the lake, with the impact of Covid, people were drawn to
outdoor activities, and we noticed a significant increase in boat traffic and use of the public boat
ramp. We had some issues with jet ski rental companies, so we worked with the Lake County
Commissioners to stop them. We have not heard of any major injuries on the lake this year.

     We reaffirmed our elected officer’s commitment for the Johns Lake Association Board. We
completed scheduled Board meetings, published three electronic newsletters, and provided a
number of updates on our Facebook page. We decided to improve our Web Page at
Johnslakefloida.com and have just started to make changes to improve your experience. The plan
is to make it easier to navigate, have sections for past newsletters, historical articles, a place for
pictures, change the contact links, and change the way we send out our newsletters.

     The committees we set up had many meetings that included, Invasive Species, Boat Parade,
Outfall, Mission Statement and Marketing/Membership delivered mix results. We worked with the
state on the control of invasive vegetation species, including hydrilla, and provided feedback on the
areas that were being proposed for treatments or left out. The state has not added any grass carp
this year due to shortages from the fish hatcheries, but they are still planning to add carp when
available. The Boat Parade team is planning the event to be bigger and better this year. The
Outfall Study was completed with several recommendations that Orange County, The Town of
Oakland, and Lake County worked out a maintenance funding plan and easement rights which has
yet to be finalized. Oakland has already secured easement rights for the properties in the town that
are being developed. The Marketing and Mission statement work continues.

     We reported the Orange County Lake levels and kept the data in between reports. Orange County
started a yearlong water quality survey and contracted with a third-party company to take monthly
samples and will provide the report when available. We worked with Orange County to nominate a
few larger parcels of land to be placed into the Green Space Purchase Program on the east end of
the lake. This would help connect Tucker Farms and help with our outfall concerns. We will provide
updates when available.

     Overall, the lake is in good shape. The water levels are down some from the past five years
heading into dry season but holding okay. FWC just treated the hydrilla, bass fishing has been
good and crappie fishing has started with water temperatures around 70f. Enjoy the holidays and
be safe on the lake!