2020 Johns Lake Holiday Boat Parade

The annual Johns Lake Boat Parade was held on December 13th, 2020, and was a fun night for all! There were forty-four (44) boats who participated in the parade and we had many, many viewers from the shoreline who made their presence known by clapping and cheering on the boats. A big thank you to all those on the shore who showed their appreciation as the boats passed by! It really energizes the boaters to know you’re out there enjoying the parade.

And a BIG THANK YOU to all the boat owners who put so much time and creativity into making their boats look festive and bright! The parade included a wide array of decor themes and the judging panel had a very difficult time choosing our First, Second, and Third prize winners last year. We’d like to thank Tommy’s Florida (in Clermont) for sponsoring our event and providing our Grand Prize; a complete boat detail! The additional winners received cash prizes from the JLIA association, responsible for hosting the event.

#1 Grand Prize winner went to the Deryk Family

Their boat was uniquely decorated in a patriotic theme and the American Flag was the prominent feature. It was an unexpected display and made for a very beautiful and heartwarming show of lights! 

#2 Prize Winner: The Carr Family

Their boat was not only beautiful on the outside but it was the participants on the boat and the interactive nature of their display that won the hearts of the judges. The boat had an overabundance of “Christmas spirit” on display!

#3 Prize Winner: The Galagher Family

Their boat was a true masterpiece of lighting, complete with the “Grinch who Stole Christmas” on full display. The boat was colorful, brought a smile to your face, and was a true showstopper

We look forward to hosting the Johns Lake Boat Parade again in December 2021. More details will be coming by early summer so keep your eye on:

Facebook: @johnslakeimprovementassociation

See you on the water!!!