2019 Johns Lake Holiday Boat Parade

     This past Holiday season we held the Boat Parade on Saturday evening instead of Sunday evening. In the past, we had as many as 42 boats in the parade, with the average being about 20-30 boats.  Sadly, this year we had only 10 boats to start the parade and only four at the finish. We moved the parade to Saturday in hopes of having better attendance.

     Although there were many spectators on the shore, there weren’t as many boats in the parade this year.  The weather wasn’t a factor, as the temperature was mild and there was no rain.  We believe the reason for this poor turnout is that many lakefront residents attend holiday parties and other activities on Saturdays leading up to Christmas.

     In consideration of the turnout this year, next year’s Parade will once again be held on a Sunday and be our 20th Holiday Boat Parade! Thank you to the lakefront residents that attended both on the water and onshore.